BitPhoenix:Bit Phoenix Account

A ***Bit Phoenix Account*** is a universal account you can use to log in to all official Bit Phoenix Software services and potentially some community-maintained services. This account allows you to log into these services with the exact same username and password, and synchronize your profile across all platforms.

Logging in to the wiki

Editing this wiki requires logging in to your Bit Phoenix Account. Attempting to log in will direct you to the Bit Phoenix Account Login page. From here you are able to either log in to your existing account or create a new one. Once you've logged in, you will be able to access/edit your user page on the wiki, receive attribution for your contributions, and be able to edit most pages.


If you are a Bit Phoenix staff member you should be granted moderator or administrator privileges to the wiki depending on what privileges you have on the Discord or forum. Do note these permissions do not sync across Bit Phoenix services, so you will have to wait for another admin to grant you privileges.

Other services

Your Bit Phoenix Account will work on our forum, bugtracker, and blog. You will also be able to link your Discord account to receive certain permissions on Discord, and link your itch account to log in to Bit Phoenix with your itch profile.

Additionally, you may log in using a Google, Twitter, GitHub or GitLab account.