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The **Bit Phoenix Discord server** is an officially-maintained Discord guild where users may chat openly about various topics such as game development, programming, computer hardware, and others. It is also a place to discuss bugs and new features in The Peacenet. New announcements and events are also posted to the Discord server.

Accessing the Discord

Accessing the Discord server is as easy as clicking this invite link. Clicking it will redirect you to Discord's website where you may log in or create an account and subsequently connect to the server.


There are a few roles in the Discord server that grant certain permissions. Linking your Discord account to your Bit Phoenix Account may grant you access to certain roles.

User roles

These roles are granted to community members by staff.

  • Veteran: User has been in the community for over a year. Veterans have access to some early-access content in The Peacenet and other games.

Staff roles

These roles are granted to members of the Bit Phoenix staff/development team.

  • Leader: User has full access to all community services. They are a Community Admin on the forum and/or a lead developer of a Bit Phoenix game. These users are administrators.
  • Team: User has access to our developer-related services such as HacknPlan, GitLab, and write access to GitHub.
  • Moderator: User has access to community moderation tools.
  • Bot: The user is a Discord bot. They are not human, but are still considered "staff" due to their abilities to perform moderator-related or potentially administrative actions. See BitPhoenix:AstralMod for more information.