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In Peacegate OS, a Home directory is a folder on the Filesystem of a Computer that allows a Peacegate User to store personal files such as downloads, documents, desktop items and pictures. User-specific files used by the system are also stored in this directory, but are usually hidden from the user interface and require the -a argument in the ls command to see.



Every file in the Desktop folder is displayed on the workspace of the Peacegate Desktop.


The Documents folder is a place to store generic documents, such as text files.


Files downloaded from other computers during hacking are placed in this folder. Files downloaded from a Peacenet site are also placed here.

Other folders

The following other folders show up in the home directory, but simply exist for decoration.

  • Music: for storing audio files. Audio files are not supported by the game's Filesystem API.
  • Pictures: Pictures are supported by the game's filesystem API but are not stored as filesystem loots.
  • Videos: There are no videos in the game.

Hidden system files

The following files exist in the home folder but are hidden. These files are used by the system but are per-user.

  1. .bash_history: A list of every single command run by the user while using bash.

Root user

The root user has its own home directory but the directory is stored in /root, rather than /home/root.