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A Peacenet site is a type of system service that can run on Peacegate OS which allows users to freely browse to the site by entering the Computer's Domain name or IP Address into the Peacenet Browser.

Commonly-used Peacenet sites

Some Peacenet sites are commonly-used throughout the entirety of The Peacenet. These sites include:


Peacenet Identities

It is possible for Peacenet Sites to access basic information from a browsing user's Peacenet Identity. This allows the site to display information such as the person's full name in the UI, or to know their reputation. Some sites, such as email providers, can use the Peacenet Identity as a form of authentication, meaning that the user doesn't need to enter a username or password.

Browser integration

Peacenet sites can integrate directly with the Peacenet Browser to create a more rich user experience. This includes performing actions like reading from or writing to the Filesystem, displaying dialog boxes, and opening programs.


  • The Peacenet Site mechanic in the game is similar to that of ShiftNet from ShiftOS.
  • The Peacenet Browser will attempt to load URLs from the real-life Internet if it can't load a Peacenet site. If a real-world website can't be displayed, then the final step is to display an error message.
  • Because of the above, it is possible to create in-game versions of real-world websites, such as