The Peacenet

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The Peacenet is a free open-ssource hacking game made with Unreal Engine 4. It is the spiritual successor to ShiftOS and is the first game ever developed by our community. It takes place in a digital afterlife, and has the player character taking part in a deep-cover mission for the National Centre for Cyber Intelligence (NCCI).


The Peacenet's core gameplay involves the player using exploits to take advantage of vulnerabilities in various services running on computers used by sentiences and various companies to deploy a payload and gain unauthorized access.

Stealth gameplay

The goal of the player when hacking a computer is to not get detected by the system's owner. The player is awarded for being stealthy by being given extra skill and extra money when the hack operation is completed. The player is punished for being detected by being either hacked in return by the owner of the player's target system, or by being marked as a threat by the hypervisor.

Actions that make the player more stealthy involve clearing out log files, using stable exploits, not causing the system or its services to crash, and trying to keep the payload hidden.

Exploration mechanics

As well as the core gameplay and stealth mechanic, The Peacenet has various exploration mechanics.

Filesystem Loots

On a hacked computer's filesystem, the player can find various loots stored in files. These loots include text files that explain more of the world and character's backstory, new exploits, new payloads, new wallpapers and new programs.