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Michael VanOverbeek, or Alkaline Thunder (otherwise known as "acidic mushroom") is the lead developer of The Peacenet and the founder of Bit Phoenix.

Basic information

Name Michael VanOverbeek
Gender Male
Preferred aliases Alkaline Thunder, Acidic Mushroom
Roles Staff, Developers, Veterans, Founder, Administrator, The Peacenet
Hobbies Programming, video editing, live streaming
Interests Low-level programming, computer hardware, technology, caffeine


Michael first joined the community in late 2014 and started to frequent the ShiftOS forums. Being interested in programming and game development, he participated in the 2014 ShiftOS developer competition and won.

After becoming a developer of ShiftOS as a result of winning the competition, he soon left due to community infamy, but still frequented the forum. He started contributing to the game once again after it was open-sourced in early 2015, and soon became an official contributor and the forum's administrator.

In June 2015, after the ShiftOS project was discontinued, Michael started development of ShiftOS-Next, then half a year later, a C# rewrite of the original game, then a complete reimagining of the game in late 2016. Around this time, when the bits & Bytes Discord server was first created, he became a moderator. He stepped down in early 2017 due to community drama.

In August 2017, the ShiftOS project was again discontinued, this time permanently, as Michael founded Watercolor Games and started development of The Peacenet. The aforementioned development team would be renamed to Bit Phoenix Software in late 2018, following a rewrite of The Peacenet in Unreal Engine 4.