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Bit Phoenix Software is a small, independent game development group started by User:Alkalinethunder on August, 2017. It was formerly known as Watercolor Games, and has 1 current project.

The origin of the name "Bit Phoenix Software" is found in Greek mythology. The stylization in the team's logo, bit::phoenix("software");, comes from the team's use of C++ as the logo is stylized as a C++ static function call.

In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a long-lived bird that cyclically rises from the ashes of its predecessor and is thus born again. This represents the various rewrites of ShiftOS done by the team before renaming themselves to Watercolor Games, and is also a representation of the team rising up from the ashes of the abandoned ShiftOS project.

The iconic orange bird used throughout the Bit Phoenix community is a symbol of the phoenix in Greek mythology.

The team

Bit Phoenix Software is made up of several team members.


Development team

Community moderators


Main article: About our community

Bit Phoenix's origin and history lies in the ShiftOS development team. After Philip Adams retired from active development, the community took over the game's development with a select few members overseeing the project. This team would radically change over the next few years as many attempts to rewrite ShiftOS were attempted and failed, and as old members left and new members joined.

In August 2017, the last ever official rewrite of ShiftOS was abandoned by the team and the team renamed itself to Watercolor Games. This is also when their first game, The Peacenet, was started. In late 2018, the team rebranded itself as Bit Phoenix Software, as a symbol of their history.