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A Bit Phoenix Account is an account used to sign into this wiki, the forum, and other places. Bit Phoenix accounts allow you to log in to every single area of the community with the same username and password, and allow your settings to be synced across each part of the community.


The Early Days

In the early days of ShiftOS, users would primarily interact with the community through the ShiftOS forum. Since the forum was a single website running on a single server with only a dedicated backend for the forum itself, the forum provided users with the ability to sign up and log in just like any other forum. This worked fine since it was the only huge area of the community.

ShiftOS 0.1.0 and ShiftOS 1.0

In the later days of ShiftOS, the forum wasn't the only way you could interact with the community. During ShiftOS 0.1.0, users could sign up to the game's wiki to create and edit pages. A Discord server was also created which allowed users to chat with each other, either through voice and text. It was a common complaint that users would have to remember and maintain multiple user accountd across a single website and community which moderately hurt the user experience.

Early Watercolor Games

In the early days of Watercolor Games, users would be able to create an account on the now defunct community website. The Peacenet would also display community news from that website in the main menu. In late 2017, it was also possible to sign in to The Peacenet using an account to access multiplayer functionality.

The Watercolor Rebrand

During the rebranding of Watercolor Games to Bit Phoenix Software, it was decided that the team needed to move the website to a new domain name and a new server. The team also decided that they would start up a wiki as well as keep the forum going, and would set up a better blog platform for community news. However, the team did not want to deal with maintaining multiple user accounts across these services, so it decided on setting up a federated user account system known as Bit Phoenix accounts.


  • Bit Phoenix accounts are federated, meaning that your user preferences sync across the entire community.
  • The backend of the account system works with OpenID Connect, theoretically making it possible to sign in with a Bit Phoenix account on other websites and in-game.
  • Users no longer have to remember multiple passwords or create multiple accounts.

Creating an account

Creating a Bit Phoenix Account is done by browsing to the forum and clicking "Sign up." This takes you to a page that allows you to create the account for all of Bit Phoenix's website areas. After success, the user is taken back to the forum where they are given a chance to customize their forum profile. From there, they can either make their first forum post or visit the wiki and log in.

It is also possible to create an account from the wiki, since the login screen has a link to create an account if the user doesn't already have one. This does not prompt the user to customize their forum profile, and the user will need to log in to the forum later to create their forum profile.


While not currently possible, there is an in-development project which allows users to link their Discord account to their forum account, allowing forum trust levels to affect the Discord experience. This allows Veterans on the forum to receive Veteran status automatically on the Discord server.

It will also be required to have a linked forum account, since certain features on the Discord server will only be available with certain trust levels.


  • The main website is the only part of the Bit Phoenix community where it is not currently possible to log in with a Bit Phoenix Account.
  • The server responsible for hosting the Bit Phoenix website and managing Bit Phoenix Accounts is called Cassian Server, named after Murdoc's son in MacGyver (2016).
  • The server that hosts the defunct Watercolor Games forum, now used as a development test server, is called Webber Server, named after Director Webber from MacGyver (2016).
  • Every time the wiki or forum is wiped, there is always a post complaining about having to create a new account. Bit Phoenix Accounts eliminate this issue single-handedly since accounts are now stored independently from the forum or wiki's data.
  • ShiftOS 1.0 had a similar system to Bit Phoenix Accounts, when the website was running Project: Unite.