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The Bit Phoenix community is a very welcoming and accepting community. It is a branch of the bits & Bytes community, and as such has similar etiquette. This page details our community's etiquette.

Basic rules

  • Be respectful of others, even if they're not in, or no longer in, the community.
  • Respect the privacy of others. Do not share private information without the permission of the people who gave you this information.
  • Keep it civilized. Debates and arguments should be handled and discussed in a calm or civilized matter.
  • Spam is not tolerated. Spam posts may be automatically removed by a moderator or bot, and excessive spam may result in a kick or ban.

Resolving situations

There are two recommended ways to help resolve situations, self-moderation and requesting staff assistance. In most cases, self-moderation should work fine and is as simple as linking this page.


A community works best if it is able to moderate itself. If you see someone going against the community etiquette, kindly refer them to this page.

Requesting staff assistance

Should an incident arise that isn't resolved by linking this page, contact a moderator or administrator in the community and they will handle the situation the best they can.

For serious complaints, send an email to [email protected].