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Game Showcase is a category on the forum where users are free to post about and advertise their own games and get feedback from the Bit Phoenix community.


The purpose of this feature is to allow users to get feedback on games they're working on. Other users are able to vote on games they like and are also able to provide positive or negative criticism by replying to the topic. Users posting their games are allowed to post screenshots, videos, and other forms of information about their game and are even allowed to post a link to where you can download their game if available.

Because of the voting system, it is also possible to post concepts rather than full or work-in-progress games to get feedback on whether such a concept could work as a game.

Posting releases

Because of the limited space on Cassian Server, you are not able to directly upload builds to the game showcase forum. Instead, it is recommended to use publishing platforms like which are free, open-source, and allow users to upload for free. This allows you to easily post updates for your game without taking up valuable disk space on our Cassian Server.