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Welcome to Bit Phoenix Software. You are currently reading our wiki. This wiki is a place where you can find documentation on our code, information about our community, and other general information about us. Feel free to contribute to the wiki!

Who are we?

We are a team of hobbyist game developers. Our team currently consists of:

  • Michael VanOverbeek (Alkaline Thunder) (founder/lead developer)
  • Victor Tran (community admin)
  • Declan Hoare (developer)
  • Richard Moch (developer)
  • Ian Clary (UI designer)
  • MightyEagle073 (developer)
  • Logan Lowe (community moderator)
  • Trey (a.k.a theedgenk) (community admin)

All of our projects are open-source and will forever remain that way. Our goal isn't solely to make money, in fact none of us currently make money from what we do. Our primary goal is to contribute to the open-source and indie game development community.

Is this a legal company?

Common question, but, no. We're just a group of like-minded people. However, if and when the time comes, we may incorporate and thus this section will be updated.

Contributing to the wiki

You can contribute to the wiki just as you would Wikipedia or any other MediaWiki-powered wiki. However, you must be logged into a Bit Phoenix Account to access wiki editing features. This is to help prevent spam and vandalism of the wiki while also making sure you are properly attributed and credited for your work.

If you have an account on the forum, you already have an account on the wiki and can simply log in and gain editing permissions.

Getting in touch

You can get in touch with the development team and the community in several ways:

If you need to get a hold of the team directly, you may also send an email to [email protected] We will try to respond as fast and as soon as we can.

Our games

We currently have two primary games we are working on:

  • The Peacenet (in development)
  • Histacom: Reloaded (planning)

You can help contribute to these games on our GitHub.