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Philip Adams (born April 21st, 1994<ref name="phil_wiki">Philip Adams - OSFirstTimer Wiki</ref>) is an Australian YouTuber known mostly for his OSFirstTimer YouTube channel. Philip Adams is also the original developer of ShiftOS and founder of the bits & Bytes community.


Early life

Philip Adams was born in Sydney, Australia on April 21st, 1994<ref name="phil_wiki" />. His first major exposure to computers was at 7 years old, where he would play MathBlaster: In Search of Spot in the computer lab at school with his class. He first got a home computer just after the initial release of Windows XP, without internet and with very few games to play.<ref name="osft_history>The Complete History of OSFirstTimer:</ref>.

Due to the lack of internet on his home computer at the time<ref name="osft_history" />, Phil would explore his Windows-XP-running computer, opening every program and file he could find, customizing the desktop, spending "hours and hours playing with the various settings of the screensavers and seeing how the numbers he put in affected the screensavers," and even discovered Movie Maker, believing that "it would somehow, magically, create a movie for him to watch."<ref name="osft_history" />

The Age of the Internet

Around the release of Windows Vista, Phil's Windows XP computer soon "faced the dreaded blue screen of death and refused to boot." This prompted him to get a new computer, running the latest release of Windows. He explored the new operating system again, and found that much of the programs were enhanced and modernized versions of the ones he used to use. He did not spend nearly as much time exploring the operating system, since the Internet had been made available to him.

Philip is quoted as saying that "I mostly used the Internet for what most 12-year old kids in 2007 used it for - playing Runescape, doing research, and using Google Earth."<ref name="osft_history" />

Becoming a YouTuber

Later on, he would start his first YouTube channel, 12padams. He used this channel to post a random assortment of videos, such as timelapses and school projects.