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Welcome to the Bit Phoenix Wiki. This wiki contains general information about the Bit Phoenix community, the website, our team and our games. You can also find various guides and tutorials on how to contribute to our projects.


This wiki only works if everyone helps to pitch in. You can help in many ways, from finding and fixing spelling and grammar errors, to editing pages to help provide more useful information, to creating new pages. It is by no means required for anyone to contribute to the wiki, but contributions are greatly appreciated.

You must be logged in to your Bit Phoenix Account in order to contribute to the wiki.

For help with editing the wiki, see the articles in Category:Wiki Help.

Useful pages

You can learn more about our community by reading some of the articles in Category:Community.

Our games

Bit Phoenix Software is a small indie game development team. As such, it is only natural for us to have at least one game we're working on or have released. Below is a list of all of our current and past games.