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Peacegate OS is a Unix-based operating system developed in 2025 by Serenity Foundation for use in The Hypervisor. It uses a customized version of XFCE4 referred to as the Peacegate Desktop, and supports networking within The Hypervisor and talking to other computers in the Peacenet.

Desktop environment

Main article: Peacegate Desktop

Peacegate OS's only supported desktop environment is Peacegate Desktop. This desktop environment is a fork of the popular Linux desktop XFCE4, and thus takes many design cues from it. The desktop uses a stacking window manager, allowing program windows to be freely positioned on the workspace, maximized, minimized, and resized. Each program window is decorated with a simple window border whose color can be customized by the user. The window border displays the program's name and icon in a draggable titlebar.



Peacegate OS's primary purpose is to serve as a way for computers in The Hypervisor to communicate with each other. This allows sentiences in the world to interact with each other. The networking protocols used by Peacegate and The Hypervisor are similar to those used by the Internet, but are not the same due to the hypervisor's architecture. Thus, special code is required to properly network within The Hypervisor. Peacegate OS provides this code within its modified Linux kernel.


Peacegate OS has a few default programs installed for convenience of both hypervisor administrators and sentiences.

See Category:Peacegate Programs for a complete list of programs.


The following commands are also installed by default and usable within the Terminal.

  • bash: Bourne-Again Shell. Allows reading, processing and evaluating of commands.
  • man: The Unix Manual. Provides extremely useful information on how to use Peacegate OS.

See Category:Terminal commands for a complete list of all Terminal commands.